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Julie Andrews

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Wiscon 34 - In Which I Get Lost and Attend a Reading [May. 28th, 2010|12:36 pm]
Julie Andrews

I'm going to make this quick, as I want to check out the art show and get a good seat for the Not Another Race Panel, which should be tons of fun based on what I saw of last year's.

Got free breakfast. Headed out of the hotel and down the wrong direction, as I thought that's where Inn on the Park was. Turns out it was at a right angle to the way I was going. I discovered this when I was exactly opposite it. I didn't really realize, I guess, that you could cut straight through the capitol building. I walked around the outer edge of the farmer's market until I got there with a couple minutes to spare. The reading was very good. It held my interest, as readings sometimes do not. It included redcrowkater and keyan_bowes.

By the time we were pondering lunch, everyone had pretty much left. And with the farmer's market, lines were going to be long. We hit the consuite instead. This year is tofu pups, which is an improvement over the little hard leather things of last year. I didn't think I liked Tofu Pups. Maybe the Smart Dogs have made me more used to the taste. It was a little cold. I covered it in ketchup, relish, and honey mustard.

And that's about it. Tired already. More later.