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Books I Reread

Over on SF Signal, they asked a bunch of writers Q: What science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror books do read and re-read again? (sic)

And why should they get to have all the fun?

I have started keeping track of everything I read from about the middle of 2002. And I did my best to mark those that were rereads with an (R). So this should be a fairly easy question to answer. I may not limit myself to sf/f books. I won't list everything I've reread. These are ones I will probably reread yet again.

-- Ender's Game | Orson Scott Card

Not necessarily the rest of the serieses, although the next time I reread it, I will probably follow it up with Ender's Shadow. This was my all time favorite book from the time I discovered it in junior high until I discovered OSC was a homophobic jerkwad. So now I still like it, but it's tainted.

-- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series | Douglas Adams

Probably my gateway to British television. Not necessarily to British science fiction novels.

-- The Seafort Saga | David Feintuch & The Still and The King | David Feintuch

I was really really bummed when I learned of his death. I had only recently discovered him and didn't even have a real chance to be eagerly awaiting each new book as it was published. For those who don't know, the Seafort Saga is like.. the Royal Navy, in space. Very male, but in an interesting way. The author seems to want the best out of men. And brotherhood, fatherhood, friendship, all of that is a very central theme. Gay characters are portrayed well. At least I think so. Wikipedia says he had announced another book was finished and at the publishers, but.. what happened to it? It's been 5 years now. :(

-- Harry Potter series | J. K. Rowling

As each new book came out, I felt compelled to reread. Though I probably didn't for book 6 and definitely didn't when we got to book 7. Book 5 loomed large as a lead weight in the middle. Nonetheless, I have reread a number of these. My favorite is book 3, though it was really book 4 that got me hooked on the series. I still play on a Harry Potter MUSH, although my Gryffindor backpack needs to be retired. It's falling apart.

-- The Last Herald-Mage trilogy | Mercedes Lackey

After I found this series, I went on a Lackey binge. But none of them were ever as good as this series. And the most recent one I read, just about a year ago, was absolute drek. So I'm kind of wary of rereading these, but the library has them as ebooks, so I probably will eventually.

-- Luna | Julie Anne Peters

I know I've mostly listed series so far, but Luna is just like.. awesome. I've read it twice and I want to read it again.

And finally two series that I have not really reread, but fully intend to at some point:

-- The Vorkosigan Saga | Lois McMaster Bujold

If only to remind myself of what happened up until this point so I can finally read the latest book. And Baen gave us all (but one) as ebooks, so I can totally do this.

-- The Smoke series | Tanya Huff

My favorite of Tanya Huff's series. And since the main character in this started off in the Blood series, I may have to reread that as well.


So what does this all tell us? Series are where it's at, man. And I guess female authors win. Would not have guessed that before I made this list. I figured more 50/50. Though with the exception of Luna, all of the main characters of these series are male. And if you know anything about Luna, you know there's a bit of an asterisk there.


Will add to this list if something else occurs to me.

ETA: Thinking it over while making food, I also realized that, while some of the main characters are gay or transgender, young and old, even disabled, they are all, so far as I know, white. With a tendency to also be British.
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