Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote,
Julie Andrews

Thoughts While Watching Tangled

Just got Tangled from the library. My thoughts behind the cut, cuz there will be blood. Er, no, wait, spoilers. There will be spoilers.

Right off the bat, Tangled and Disney TICKED ME OFF by having the closed captions be .. my first phrase to leap to mind is 'dumbed down'. To be more accurate, they skip 'irrelevant' words, so it's easier/faster to read. Which, I can see being good for some people. Kids (or others) new to reading English who can't hear at all, would probably find it helpful. Anyone who can hear some and is using the captions as a supplement to understanding.. how does this help? And for me, who hears perfectly fine and just likes the captions because I'm a reader, and sometimes it helps me to catch something that wasn't quite clear.. well, it annoys the heck out of me!

The subtitles are 'English for the Hearing Impaired'. Their words, not mine. And they're identical to the closed captions. No option anywhere for 'The English that is actually being spoke/sung'. So.. thanks alot, Disney. I wonder how accurate your Espanol subtitles are. :P

So, once I turned off the subtitles and the captions --(Using two remotes, mind, since the captions are controlled by the tv remote and not the Tivo remote)-- then we get into the story. And they tick me off again. WHY THE FRELL DID RAPUNZEL HAVE TO BE BORN A PRINCESS?

Never mind my other question, which is why she had to be blond.

And what it's already saying about women and women's roles is... is... not encouraging.

So that's less than 7 minutes in. I will now resume, and try not to tear my hair out. Because it's kind of too short to do that easily.

Sometimes I have to really wonder how Disney ever managed to make Mulan. Of course they then sacked most of that team.

And I have to say that some people had told me this movie was good. So I didn't go into it thinking it would tick me off. Not really. Maybe I dreaded it. Of course I never expected it would do it so quickly!

I think my tolerance for action scenes has deteriorated. Zzzz.

It got better about 35 minutes in.

Though maybe I needed to pay closer attention to see where she put that satchel.

Pay attention, anyone out there wanting to inherit a kingdom. Just find a king and queen with a lost kid and pretend to be that kid. Because it's not like they demand proof or anything. They'll just sort of know by looking at you.

And why do most animal companions in Disney movies have to be male? Like 95% or something ridiculous like that!
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