Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote,
Julie Andrews

My Wiscon Schedule

I totally forgot to post this! I didn't see too many other people doing it either, so that's my excuse, yea.

(Or did I post it and I forgot? hrrrm.)

Well, here it is again. Nyea.

Friday 4pm
Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Members of Broad Universe, an international organization dedicated to promoting and celebrating women in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and everything in between, will present snippets of available and on-going work. Expect the touching and irreverent, humorous and frightening, action-packed and emotional, poems and prose, and at least a few surprises!

If you don't like readings, this is the one to go to. Nobody reads for more than about 3-5 minutes, so if you don't like what's being read, just wait!

Sunday 10am
Sciency Fiction
What do you call fiction that has a lot of science but (gasp!) nothing speculative? Some call it LabLit, but not all science happens in labs. We propose the term "sciency fiction" to differentiate it from science fiction. The genre can include works as varied as The Green Glass Sea and The Big Bang Theory. What are some others? What is sciency fiction? Who enjoys it? Where does sciency fiction fit within the wider category of fiction? How can sciency fiction inform both the average reader and the reader of SF/F (who is, by definition, above average)?


I don't know what panels I'm going to attend yet, but probably as many Tiptree ones as I can manage. I will not miss the Tiptree Auction. And I do have tickets to the dessert salon. I plan to buy a Tiptree Tshirt and a Con or Bust Tshirt.

And since this is my last chance to buy books before my book fast in June and July, I will be buying books. Reined in only by the weight of my luggage. (I don't see a point in shipping books. Might as well just buy them from Amazon in the first place if you're going to do that!)

I am also not into parties or dances, in general, but I want to check out the Vid Party and the Genderfloomp Dance Party.

If anyone wants to meet up for a lunch/dinner, ping me!
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