Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote,
Julie Andrews

Wiscon 35 - Report 0

Off to Wiscon! Well, sort of. I haven't left the state yet. Got to the gate with an hour and a half to spare. The shuttle picked me up 15 minutes early, and I was the only pickup. Paid 25$ to check my bag. Security wasn't so keen on my state ID without an expiration date. So I had to pull out my older other state ID.. with no expiration date. Also pulled out my city ID. Has to count for something, right? Guy called over a supervisor and then one other guy showed up too. Really should get myself a new state ID and/or a passport.

Took 4 bins for all my stuff.

Shopped around for the best price on water and decided it was Hudson News at $2.09. Bought some overpriced pretzels too, just in case we crash on a desert island in the middle of the US. I can then trade them with the locals for a tofu burger.

Hanging out at the gate. At least another 45 minutes before we board. They don't even have our flight listed on the board at the gate yet. Bunch of old people on this flight so far. And annoying coughing lady. And a muzzled dog who's mostly sleeping. Probably sedated already.

I'm flying to Chicago, where I get to sit in another airport for a couple of hours. Then I land in Madison at 4:40 local time. I should have just enough time to check in and go to the reception at A Room of One's Own. I'm also going to hunt up the rest of the Access team. And probably grab food at Noodles & Co, or somewhere else with people if I find people who want to eat when I do.

Looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight! *fingers crossed*
Tags: con report, wiscon 35

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