Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote,
Julie Andrews

Wiscon 35 - NonReport

So apparently it was mostly a netbook-free con I spent. I did most of my 'net stuff on my phone. Which is not the way to write con reports. If I had even had time to write con reports. I have the day off tomorrow, so hopefully I will get some con reports written then.

Things to come, in no particular order:

Awesome food
Less awesome food
Panel notes
Microphone usage thoughts
A reposting of all my tweets for the twitterless
Parties, vid and otherwise
A list of my book haul
Thoughts on Wiscon Chronicles 4 (short version: Buy it, read it)

Notes to myself for next year: Buy tickets earlier, for a shorter layover. Cleveland has free wifi, Chicago does not. Can leave a little earlier on Monday, say a 2-3pm flight. The smaller rolling bag can probably be taken as carryon even _with_ a big backpack, and save 50$, but have to buy fewer books or get them shipped.

Looking forward to reading everyone else's reports!
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