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Wiscon 35 - The Gathering Report

At The Gathering there was a papercrafts table. Part of what you could do there is make 'Use Your Mic/Show Your Lips' paddles/fans for audience members to use at the panels. You could also decorate fancy wands for people who aren't able to stand to hold up whenever directed to 'please stand', or just to wave about because they were awesome.

I made a paddle, using my awesome pasting skills. It was actually pretty fun sorting through all the various bits of pictures and stickers and stamps. I see why scrapbooking is so popular. I could totally get into collecting some old magazines and bits of ephemera for that sort of thing. Once I have my own place with more room.

At the Found Words table, there were little slips of words cut out from various sources. I used my awesome pasting skills again to make a poem. Or.. something. Maybe it's just a bizarre ransom note.

I have pics up on Facebook if you'd like to friend me to have a look. (I'm the Julie Andrews with the similar userpic.)

Here's the text though:

The Bunnies arrived
Check It Out
a world of Scientific CATS
and how WILL We build all-new Catfish
our future fit our fingers
Escape THE ONE YOU ENDED UP tasting
THERE'S ALWAYS "life hereafter"

It's deep, man. If you don't get it, it's because you're not as deep as me.

I also voted in the Con or Bust ultimate showdown. I never did hear the results of that.
I bought a bunch of ARCs, as previously stated.

I bid on Eclipse 4 in the Tiptree Auction. Ultimately did not win that.

They were already out of lemonade really early, so I didn't get any lemonade or any cookies. I collected maybe 3 stamps on my card. I have yet to complete a Gathering card. (Can you even do it with the long line at the Tarot readings?!)

Nothing jumped out at me at the clothing swap.

The Gathering is where I started to see Tshirts I owned or recognized from Teefury or Woot. Woot! At some point, I lost count of how many I saw.
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