Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote,
Julie Andrews

Wiscon Reading!

Not reading, as in, I'm reading, though I probably will be in the Broad Universe RapidFire Reading. No, I mean reading as in... homework!

It occurred to me I should start my Wiscon reading. Get a good start on it. The Tiptree Awards won't be announced for several months yet, so I could read all the recommendations so far, but that could add up to a lot of reading! I could also read more of the honor list from last year, and in general fill out my Tiptree reading.

I should also read some GoH books. I have Andrea Hairston's Mindscape, bought at a previous Wiscon. Which is also on a Tiptree honor list, so.. double score there.

I expect people to be talking about N. K. Jemisin's The Kingdom of Gods and I've finished that. Oh, I should catch up on Ooku. First I have to figure out which ones I've bought and not read! So I can figure out which other ones to buy. I can also read more Fumi Yoshinaga. Again, some bought and not read.

I should also do some more reading of women in SF anthologies, of which I have several. More Joanna Russ couldn't hurt.

Are there any particular books out this year/coming soon that you guys think will be a hot topic at Wiscon?

And if you have any books/stories/poems to suggest to the Tiptree jury, you can do it at the link above. Deadline is December 31st.
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