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Julie Andrews

Wiscon 36 Con Report - Book Edition

Books I failed to buy, that I had intended to:

Steam-powered 2 -- Didn't find it in the dealer's room.
Are You My Mother? -- Decided it was too heavy and also that I didn't want to pay full price. Sorry, AROOO!
a & e 4ever -- Intended to buy it from Lethe Press, but they weren't there(!) I saw it at one point somewhere, but then when I realized Lethe Press wasn't there, I couldn't find it again.
Diamond Eyes by aa bell -- I admit I didn't search assiduously for this one.
Courier's New Bicycle -- This is only out in Australia, but since it's on the Tiptree list, I thought AROOO might have it. If they did, it wasn't in the dealer's room. I asked. I never did get over to the actual store.
Legends of Australian Fantasy -- Also only Australia. I didn't ask, since if they didn't have one, they didn't have this. It's older, I think.
Subscription to Cascadia Subduction Zone -- I tried to get a deal, but Aqueduct Press seemed a little thrown by the idea. They had a new checkout system. I'll consider subbing online.

ARCs acquired at Galley Ho! at the Gathering:
Zombie Stories - Kelly Link and a few other people were in it. Otherwise, zombies, meh.
Losers in Space - Had this on my wish list, so score!
I'll Get There, It Better Be Worth the Trip - The 'first' gay YA. I read it recently, but thought it'd be nice to have a copy.
Buffy and the Heroine's Journey
wow, the resolution on this photo is bad...
Vampire ???.. I can't read it. Have to check the actual book later.
?? by Alex Sanchez - An Alex Sanchez I haven't read. (I've only read a couple, so it's not that unusual.)
Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead - This is like book 3 of a series I haven't read, but I like her other stuff.
Seven Princes by ??? Fultz - I walked by this a couple times, then finally got it. I like the title more than anything.

ARC won at Outer Alliance Party, yay!!
Adaptation by Malinda Lo - Yay!!

Books bought from Aqueduct Press:
Redwood and Wildfire - Tiptree winner and written by GOH Andrea Hairston
The Universe of Things - Gwyneth Jones collection and on the Tiptree list
The WisCon Chronicles Vol. 6 - Already read more than half of it! It's my post-con flight reading tradition now.
Impolitic! - The GOH chapbook thingee. :)
Through the Drowsy Dark - Rachel Swirsky stuff. Possibly on Tiptree list? Conversation Piece.
In the House of the Seven Librarians - Ellen Klages? Librarians? Come on. Had to get it.

Books bought from A Room of One's Own dealer's table:
xvi by Julia Karr - Mentioned on YA dystopia panel by Malinda Lo I think
Alcestis - Mentioned on Galactic Surburbia and then in some other context somewhere.

Aqueduct Press had a deal on nonfiction, but I owned it all!! Owned a good chunk of the rest of their stuff too. Should really get around to reading more of it.

A Room of One's Own's table was full of things I'd 1) Read, 2) Bought, 3) Wanted to Buy/Read. Not many things that I hadn't actually heard of! That means they chose well, and that I am way up on my femininst science fiction and fantasy now. Only took 5 WisCons. :)

Looked in the used bookstore near the college (bus dropped me off at the union and I walked down State from there) for One Piece 29, but their manga selection was for crap. Like, half a dozen tops. Used bookstore near a college?! Stock the freaking manga! I never did get to any other bookstores after that. In fact never walked up State Street again. Too much stuff to do, I guess!

Looked for One Piece 29 in the dealer's room, but the only table with manga naturally had mostly shoujo manga.

Managed to get it all into my luggage _and_ onto the plane. Meaning I didn't have to check any bags and pay 25$. :P So, yay!

Yay, books!
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