September 27th, 2008


Comments on Knight Rider

This may contain spoilers, but I'm not going to put it behind a cut. I figure anyone who truly cares about this show has already watched the episode in question.

I just finished watching the first episode of the new Knight Rider, and I feel kind of bad that I liked it a bit. I'm also rather puzzled as to why I liked it, even a bit. It's very male, to the point of being sexist. While it's not all about the car, KITT is certainly a large feature, and I am not a car person. And what else is there to recommend it? A near-future science fictionish to it.. that's about it.

Item #1: KITT has the wrong voice. Which is really stupid, because I just saw that actor on Boston Legal this week.

Item #2: The Knight Industries super-smart and/or FBI chicks all hang out dressed like it's a (k)night club.

Item #3: Michael and Sarah are trapped in KITT while it's on fire (was that pretty cool? Maybe it was...) and barely sweat at all. Which I suppose makes a nice change from sweaty Vulcan chicks being rubbed with oil. The necklace she's wearing doesn't burn her skin at all. And when they emerge, they're on their feet in less than a minute, without crying out for or being forcefed water or being cooled down in any fashion other than being in room temperature air now.

Item #4: Dude gets his thumb hacked off and there's no blood?

Item #5: KITT transforms into some fast car or something (I'm not a car person, I can't tell them apart much), but then five seconds later he turns into a pickup truck. So what was the point of the first transformation?

I can put up with a little sexism and suspend a little disbelief to go along for the ride, but this show was asking me to turn off my brain.

But boy.. the theme song was nostalgic, and when watching the opening credits, I couldn't help but feel the Cool.