December 31st, 2008


An Update on The Living Dead on Amazon

By now, I am quite annoyed by how many Stephen King books Amazon is recommending to me based on The Living Dead, since it thinks Stephen King wrote the whole thing.

I discovered that Amazon lets you 'update product info', which is basically to make suggestions to fix their errors. I did this successfully for a Bujold audiobook where they had her name broken up oddly and the reader/narrator listed as a co-author.

I tried it for The Living Dead. All I was suggesting was that they list JJA first and Stephen King last. (It was easier to just swap their positions than to move everyone down one.) I even provided an URL to the publisher as reference.

But it came back today:

Action: None. We could not verify the requested update.

You couldn't verify it? I gave you an URL! You have a product image! Look at the freaking cover of the book!


Maybe if several people suggest the change, they'll fix it eventually. But I just wonder if they think they'll sell more books if Stephen King is listed first. And, well, if it does sell more books, then I'm all for that.

(I do have my copy now. Haven't read it yet. I'm sure it's excellent though. You should all get it! Just maybe tell Amazon to ignore it as far as recommendations go, unless you like Stephen King books.)

New Year's Resolution

Not exactly a resolution for the entire new year, but it's a new year and it's a resolution.

I plan to write every day in January. Doesn't matter how much or for how long, but it has to be actual writing. Story notes, world ideas, character sketches, even character drivel (where they talk to you or write a letter or something) doesn't count. And it should go without saying, but I'll say it, lj and blog entries and random forum posts and facebook stati do not count.

We'll see what happens. I'll probably have to cut back on my gaming - DS, Wii, Facebook, and other. And I'm going to a con in the middle of that. And it's a long month! (Long months good for Nanowrimo, bad for writing every day! Maybe I should wait until February....)