August 19th, 2009


Pet Peeve of the Day

Today's pet peeve is people who use apps to crosspost their twitter feed to Livejournal. I wanna know what you're tweeting, I'll follow you on Twitter, kay?

Also bugs me when you crosstweet on facebook, but I'm learning to live with that. :P

You can follow me on Twitter @JulieMAwesome and I have a tweet going out on @tweetthemeat tomorrow evening. So follow them too.

(Like how I snuck that plug into the peeve?)

If you're fat, PETA doesn't want your support

Via Boing Boing, Why is PETA Making Fun of Fat Women?.

Follow the link and look at the pic.

Yea, seriously.

My commentary on this is that I have been vegetarian for over 15 years now. And my BMI is currently borderline 'obese'. And only borderline because I've lost some weight.

Now, I don't have a meat-eating twin to compare to. Possibly I'm healthier as a vegetarian than I would be otherwise. I rather doubt I'd weigh any more as a meat-eater. Quite possibly less, because I've spent years living on pasta, rice, and potatoes.

I'm currently iron-deficiently anemic. And that is directly due to being vegetarian.

My triglycerides are high, which is possibly genetic, but also due to all those carbs.

I'm not saying that a _good_ vegetarian diet isn't all-around healthier, better for the environment, and nicer on the animals. But I am saying that there are fat vegetarians out there. A whole lot of us, in fact.

So why do you want to go annoy and anger people who are actually ON YOUR SIDE?