December 19th, 2009


Dear Livejournal, You Suck

So I was all casually opening up my livejournal in an Opera tab, ready to check for comments on my previous entries and maybe go check out my peeps in my flist.

And Opera's being a little slow. But I think nothing more than 'stupid internet connection', because, well, we have a really lame internet connection.

I flip away for a second, then flip back, and what do I see?

My livejournal has loaded, but it's all faded. And then, wham, there's a humongous giant popup blocking most of the screen. It says 'bestbuy' at the bottom. And there's a nice little 'x' close button in the upper right.

So I click close. Yes, please, close, get the frell away from me.

But, no go. Because it's not done trying to load a video or something. I right-click, trying to see if it's Flash or what. I don't get very far with that, because then Opera gives up.

Yes, Livejournal, Opera just gave up on you.

Because you frelling CRASHED my BROWSER. My non-IE browser.

You crashed it.

To show me. Or rather, to fail to show me, some advertisement for Best Buy.

Best Buy, you suck too.

Serve you all right if I went back to Facebook. Where at least the advertisements are in ignorable parts of the screen.