Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote,
Julie Andrews

Brief Thoughts on the Torchwood Trailer

Thanks to swanjun, I just found out there's a 1 minute trailer up for the new Torchwood 'series'. (It's really more like a miniseries, or a really long episode this year.)

US viewers can see it on BBC America's website. I assume UK viewers know they can view it on the BBC's website. Other countries, you'll have to see which site works for you. (Or find a torrent.)

My thoughts behind the cut.

Okay, I like plots that have to do with kids being creepy or whatnot, as long as it's not a kid's show, then the plots get old. But what the heck? It seems we don't have any new team members in this trailer. And there's a specific reference that indicates they're not just left out of the trailer, but not in at least part of the series. Now, I don't need it to be Martha and/or Mickey, but it would be nice. I do want more than a team of three though. Especially as I'm lukewarm to Gwen. If they think this 'love triangle' thing is going to fly solo, I think they're wrong.

Tags: torchwood

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