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Confusing Hugos

One of my projects is to read all of the Hugo novels. But more recently I also plan to read all of the short stories that won the Hugo. The short stories are a little tricky, because there were a few years where it was only a 'short fiction' category, so I'm sure some longer stories made their way in there.

But I went to look for the first novel, "The Mule" by Isaac Asimov, only to find out it's a novella. And then I looked at what won in the novella category for 1946 and it's "Animal Farm", which I (and probably thousands of school children) always considered a novel.

Aren't categories fun?

So "The Mule" may or may not be in this Foundation omnibus the library has. The book's checked out, so I can't check. And honestly, the idea of reading a Foundation story at the moment leaves me cold. Maybe I'll skip to 1951. Oi, Heinlein.

I'd read them in the opposite order, but I tried a Chabon I thought I'd like better than Yiddish Policemen's Union and couldn't finish it.

Hrm, I could read all the women first.. that wouldn't take me long. *pauses to count* Yea, I could do that in a month. Except starting with the most recent means Jonathan Strange, which is a rather daunting-looking book to be honest.

T'heck with it, maybe I'll work on the Nebulas.

So on either end of that we have Dune, ugh, or Yiddish PMU again. But it is a shorter list overall. Maybe I'll start with Babel-17. I need to read some Delany.
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