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Wiscon 33 - Food

Breaking with my tradition of going chronologically.. I'm afraid I didn't take enough notes to possibly remember what all I did exactly when. I was very bad about notes this year compared to last year. Though I did take some. Weird, really, considering I had my netbook with me most of the time. But anyway, breaking with tradition, here's a post about Wiscon food.

(I've decided to only slightly anonymize the names of people I ate with. And sorry if I forgot your name. Wiscon's already a blur! Feel free to drop me a comment or Email with your name if you want and I'll edit. I'll also edit if you'd rather be removed from this entry.)

First restaurant I ate at was Ian's pizza, all by my lonesome. I had pesto pizza with mushrooms and some spinach and feta that I believe I already posted about. And a salad with mixed greens, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, and craisins, with ranch dressing. The guy talked me into getting a stamp card, so now I have to remember to bring it to Wiscon 34. Oh, and key-lime Stewarts, also already discussed.

Then after the reading, I went to Husnus's with Keyan B, Ellen K, Karen F, Ted C, and here's a name I blanked on.. M, I think. I had the hummus appetizer, which was a lot of hummus, but was good. And Sprecher's Root Beer.. If I got that name right. I probably don't. Which was local and had honey in it.

Jeesh, I'm already blanking on where I ate and when! Oh yes..

Next day, a stale bagel I had bought in the Boston airport at the Starbucks. Don't buy your bagels at Starbucks if you can help it. DD is much better. Then a cookie at The Gathering. Then Keyan B, Kater C, and I went to the Spanish tapas place. Not sure I can remember what all I had there, but it included stuffed mushrooms, baked goat cheese, and artichoke flatbread. Not so keen on the goat cheese, but all edible and most very good.

I believe that night I grabbed fresh popcorn from the consuite as well. Good, because I'd been eyeing people on the street with popcorn. Mmm, popcorn.

Are we on Saturday already? Ack, so confused...

I think Saturday lunch was Ian's again with Keyan B and Kater C. This time I had the lasagna pizza with a mixed green salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, chick peas and honey mustard. The chick peas tasted funny, so I mostly didn't end up eating those. And orange cream Stewart's this time. I got more punches on my card, and then the credit card wasn't going through because their connection went down, and he gave it all to me free. Score.

Saturday night, Keyan and Kater and I met up with Karen F and Kate M and we went to the Spanish tapas place. All different things this time. I had the mushroom soup, which was very rich and slightly spicy. Eating it slowly, I made my way through most of it. It came with bleu cheese on little pieces of bread, but I didn't care for the bleu cheese. Stuffed flatbread.. I think with spinach and mushrooms? And some sort of salad which I've already forgotten the main ingredients of. But anyway, all very good, and I still haven't tried all the vegetarian options there.

So.. Sunday.. oh, this was my panel day. I should've eaten in the green room, as they had fresh fruit and stuff, but I just had water. Then for lunch, I went to the consuite and nibbled on various things. Veggies, crackers, cheese, a donut, some popcorn.

Then Keyan and Kater and I met up with Keffy K, Eugene F, and Cat er.. something. (I would look it up, but my bus is about to arrive and I don't want lj to lose this post!) We went to Dotty Dumpling's Dowry? If I have that name right. I had a veggie burger, fries, one deep fried mac and cheese wedge, and one deep fried cheese curd (so wrong!) that someone tossed into my mouth with great skill. (Play at home: Guess who it was.)

And then the Dessert Salon. I had the chocolate mousse with strawberries and chocolate cake. Yummy.

After that, my food was mostly gotten from the consuite. Bagels and hot dogs among the list. (Some may or may not have been after this point, some may have been on previous days.) Veggie dogs were Smart Dogs and passably edible. I did have two. Other people had worse experiences with them.

And I did eat some party food at various points. Missed out on the LJ party cake though. (Sadness.)

And I'd better wrap it up and call my cab! And then I can get home and eat dinner. :)
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