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I've somehow frittered away most of the day without being very productive at all.

A bunch of us went to see Harry Potter. The movie was better than the book and only 2 things bugged me. One a holdover from the previous movie. And a bit at the end just made me believe my own theory about book 7 more.

It's been a good food day in the cafeteria. There were vegetarian ribs for lunch. I would've eaten more of them, but I was reasonably certain they were high in sodium. They gave me two (two blocks of four) when normally I'd only eat one. I ate 1.5. Dinner was Mexican and after telling them I wouldn't ask if the refried beans were vegetarian or not, so I could live in ignorance as I ate them anyway, I was informed I could eat them with a clear conscience. And I keep going back for more of the fresh cherries. They're like crack. Only good for you!

Now if I could stop going back for cookies and cake, I'd be moving a step in the right direction.

Seriously, it's not all about food. Most of it is about reading, reading, reading, and more reading.
Tags: clarion, food, harry potter

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