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My Torchwood Post

This is about Torchwood: Children of Earth. For those waiting to watch on BBCA, don't read this until you've watched it. For those waiting even longer, like hoping for PBS or SciFi or something, or even waiting for the DVD, well, whatever, read or not. You take your own risks waiting that long! :)

It was really great to finally have some new Torchwood. We've been waiting a long time. And the Doctor Who movies just weren't enough. I'm somewhat sad they chose to release it all in a one-week event. It would've lasted longer if they'd spread it out. And I have no self-control. I had to watch it rather than save it up.

Up until Day 3, I was really enjoying it. I was thinking 'Wow, Torchwood at its best' and 'really good writing' and 'the acting ain't half bad either'. We got some character development for Ianto and for Jack. Gwen was.. yea, whatever, I don't care what Gwen was up to or angsting about. I was in actual suspense after Jack was shot. I don't know if we were supposed to guess about the bomb when I did, but it did make it more suspenseful rather than less.

And then Day 4 ruined it all.

Oh, I was still holding out hope. Five minutes, sure. Ten minutes, maybe. Maybe not until Day 5? Yea, okay. But the longer it went on, the less hope I had. And believe me, it was much less hope than any other show but maybe a Joss Whedon. I knew Torchwood could screw us over. But I had hope. I was latching onto little things in Day 5. 'Oh, Jack would never actually say that about Gwen, so clearly there's a con going on.' And 'Yea, Gwen just said there's things they don't know about what's going on, so maybe..'

But, no, we're well and truly screwed over. And you know in story plot outlines? 'And then things get worse?' Well, it wasn't a matter of upping the stakes exactly, but things most definitely got worse. For the audience. :P

Because now Jack is totally frelled up. It was a moment quite reminscent of the Doctor mindraping Donna. :P

I sense a trend in my emoticons. :P :P :P

So the series was going really, really well, and then it was well and truly frelled up. :P

Which makes me want to poke at the many, many plotholes. When otherwise I would've suspended disbelief and been along for the campy, hokey ride. But now I feel mean and petty and want to poke at the plotholes.

But I'll stop with one, since this post is already quite long. The biggest gaping plothole, to me, is:

Why didn't the aliens just take whatever kids they wanted, whenever they wanted? Why are they asking? Yea, okay, so they don't have the power and versatility of a Starfleet transporter beam. That doesn't mean they can't lock onto a playground or sports field and snatch a whole bunch whenever they feel like it. What're the pitiful little humans going to do about it? Clearly nothing. So why waste your time blackmailing them?

In summary: Grrr. Grr grr grr. Grrrrrrr!
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