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Harry Potter 6 : The Livejournal Post

My parents took me to see the sixth Harry Potter movie today for my birthday. And Mom mostly managed to stay awake for it! (Was followed by some shopping and Mexican food, for the record.)

Some great previews. Where the Wild Things Are, 2012, Sherlock Holmes. Man, that Sherlock Holmes looked fun! And 2012, destruction!

And the rest is spoilers.

Good movie. Not great movie. Good movie. I read book 6 when it first came out and haven't reread it since, other than a few bits when I was writing up my theory that Tonks was Sirius. (She still so totally is, by the way.) So it was a good experience watching the movie without being constantly aware of what must be coming next. Still, some things bugged me.

* Slug-er... Slughorn? I keep mixing him up with the chocolatier of the similar name. Anyway, he says he taught Lily and Regulus, but not Sirius. And I'm trying to figure out how the heck he managed that. Unless Rowling explained this (or screwed it up herself), I'm thinking that it was just an excuse to get Regulus in there before RAB at the end.

* Dumbledore's a big jerky jerk, and also a huge idiot if he couldn't get a psychopath vibe from what little Tommy Riddle was telling him. Dude. But the scene after his (spoilery demise!) was fairly touching all the same. I mostly blame Ginny for that.

* Yay, Draco! This is Draco's best book and best movie. But one of my favorite scenes with Draco from book 6 was with Pansy in the train and his head's in her lap. But stupid Blaise had to be in the movie and spoil that.

* Also. What the frell? Blaise?! You couldn't let us be all happy with his gender ambiguity a la Sinistra? (Or did Rowling totally mess with that in book 6 or 7 anyhow? I forget.) But, I have to say, Blaise was pretty hot. (These guys are all over 16 or even 18 by now, right? I can think he's nice-looking?)

* Fortunately Tonks wasn't in there doing anything that made me want to stab her. Well, not too much anyway.

* There were way too many freaking characters in this movie. I could identify some of the students, but others I could not. Even knowing their names didn't help for some of them, because book 6 was so long ago. And then I don't know that Tonks's name was ever said. This made me think it must've been confusing for people who hadn't read most of the books.

* Explain to me how Harry's running Quidditch tryouts and Ginny's automatically on the team and helping him run them, but nobody else is guaranteed a spot? Cuz, hello, Katie Bell's still hanging around, as is made clear later. Whereas.. who else was on the team the year before? That's still there at Hogwarts I mean.

* Ron's looking rather buff. It did make me think that he had the build the twins should have and they have the build he should have.

* Did they really pay Timothy Spall and his makeup artist for like 5 seconds of screen time?

* Setting: Hospital Wing. Lavender's gushing over Ron. I was just waiting for Snape to hit her on the back of the head with something. Anything. Alas, he did not.

Here's my summary of the movie: Dumbledore is a jerk. People snog. People angst about people snogging. Draco angsts about more important things. Slughorn has a grand old time. More snogging. And then they all live happily ever after.

Oh yea, and final thought.. why did it look so much like the Twilight movie? All dark and grey and with the lighting and stuff. Which has the added benefit of making red blood stand out quite nicely. Someone's made some sort of Draco/Edward or Draco/Carlisle mashup, right? For someone who's neither a vampire nor an elf, Draco's got it going on. :)

And that's all she wrote. Beware potential spoilers in the comments thread as well.
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