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Commercials That Make Me Never Want to Use the Product Again

Here's some commercials that stand out for me -- some recent, some older -- that really, really disturbed me to the extent that I was turned off to their product. Call them anti-advertising if you like.


Quizno's dead hamster commercials -- They were supposed to be cool and edgy and all internet video-y, but they had nothing to do with the product, and looked like.. dead rodents. Yea, I like to ponder dead rodents when I'm thinking about where to have lunch. And no, I don't think I ever have gone to a Quizno's since then.

Burger King's sexist meatist crap -- A whole slew of commercials, most of them featuring this King guy who disturbs me just looking at him. If they're not trying to tell you that men are carnivores and men like huge burgers full of meat and they should come to Burger King to eat them, they're telling you that sex sells burgers and a giant plastic creep will get lots of hot chicks and give you lots of hot chicks if you eat his meat. I will admit to having gone to BK since and still. DESPITE being a chick (some of the time anyway) and DESPITE being vegetarian. Because they serve freaking VEGGIE BURGERS. Of course I have other issues with their Icee machines never working or having the flavor I want, and their usual confusion that I might want a veggie patty in a Whopper, because the Whopper has different components than their Veggie Burger. But, seriously dudes, the commercials have got to go. And don't even get me started on the giant inflatable Spongebobs.

Go Daddy -- GoDaddy's logo, icon dude does not offend me. He looks like some hip, geeky dude, who may or may not be mixing chemicals in his garage. So what's up with this latest string of commercials? They're designed as pornos. Where you're supposed to expect the next step is bare breasts and two (or more) women making out. Is the next step indeed that? Or is it something that redeems the rest of the commercial? Well, we'll never know, because they want you to actually go online and find out the end. So, no redemption. I'll certainly take my business elsewhere next time I buy a new domain. Because, hey, clearly I'm not their target market.

Skittles Korean-Scots are a 'contradiction' -- What?! Well, sorry you've never seen a kid of Korean ancestry raise up his sword and shout in a Scottish accent, "There can be only one!" But, hey, I'm pretty sure they exist. Probably even one or two with swords. Just what is it contradicting again? Am I supposed to think Skittles taste like kimchee-stuffed haggis? I'm not a Skittles fan. Now I'm an anti-fan.
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