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Still very busy and spending my free time other places. Haven't even kept up with my flist, which means if it's not on Whatever, icanhascheezburger, or Cake Wrecks, and it's still happening in the blogosphere, I'm probably not aware of it.

I maybe shouldn't add to Avatar's hype by posting about it and giving it one more hit in the search engines, but really, it's gotten so unbelievable that I need to post about it.

What is with all the advertising? It's everywhere and it's obnoxious. It's even worse than the 'Team Edward/Team Jacob' Burger King commercial (which still manages to sell burgers to construction workers rather than teenage girls).

It's one thing to plug your movie with special full-length trailers during an episode of something or other. It's one thing to have special little 30-second segments during 2 hours of cartoons on Sunday night. It's another thing entirely to make the characters of "Bones" be your shills.

Who's going to wait in line for Avatar tickets? No one I know.
Who's going to skip work to go see Avatar? No one I know.
Who's going to go see Avatar at all? Well, maybe some people are. But if so, no one's told me they're going to.

I'm sure not. Even without the over-the-top, unbelievable Fox-pushing hype, which by itself is enough to make me boycott it, I had no interest at all in seeing it.

What's the appeal? Cool special effects? That's a reason to go see 2012, which I haven't yet done. That's not a reason for 99% of movies.

Blue people? Unless your name is Kurt Wagner, I don't care that you're blue. I don't even care if there's several of you and you're playing with paint on a stage.

Military action? Um. No. Never, ever a draw.

It looks like a video game? Is that a reason to go see a movie?

A magical cure for a paralyzed guy? There's an anti-reason to go see it right there.

The director? He's somebody big. I forget who.
The actors? Nobody I care about, as far as I know.

Teh awesome science fictional-ness? Nothing new.

One of the more annoying aspects of this is that it's not Avatar The Last Airbender, which is a movie full of its own fail.

So, Fox, really, give it up already. You're really ticking me off.

And now Daily Show is in on the act tonight.

*crawls off whining*
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