Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote,
Julie Andrews

Wiscon 34 - In Which I Forget What Happened

Um.. so what happened after the reading? I have no freaking clue. Where's my pocket program?

Oh yes. The Revenge of Not Another @#$%ing Race Panel. Very funny. Very worth going to. At least one person liveblogged it. Hopefully more. I wondered if something similar might be done at other cons. Say, with a panel of all women, who aren't allowed to talk about gender, but get to talk about anything and everything else.

Then what did I do? Jeesh, I don't even know. Here's some stuff that happened, in non-chronological order.

I was panel-hopping today. I couldn't make up my mind. I went to the food panel, and Trisha Woolridge commented that there was a lot of programming scheduled opposite it and that prompted me to look at the program again. Only to realize that where I thought the little ad signalled a break between timeslots, it did not. And so I ducked out and went to the editors panel I had also circled. Then my brain wasn't into it, and Shweta's reading (sorry, too tired to look up her exact lj username!! Of course it's probably something like shweta_narayan and then I'll just look silly for not having used it. Especially silly now if I was right.) Where was I? Oh yes, her reading was also going on then, so I went over to Michaelangelo's (Not as cool as Donatello's, but you can't have everything). That reading was interesting (what I saw of it) and well-attended. The room was hot though. Then, speaking of ninja turtles, I got a slice of portabello (portobella?) pesto-y pizza at Ian's. I even got my card stamped! The card I kept in my wallet from last year!

What else? Oh, I went to the Disabled Fen panel and made a suggestion.

Then um.. lunch! (Edit: Wait, that was dinner.) With redcrowkater and keyan_bowes at the burger place. Dotty Dorry's Doughy Dowry? With Dumplings? Some of that is right. The veggie burger was.. eh. I was actually surprised that the bun was white. I've gotten so used to wheat. First substantial food I've probably eaten though.

Still need a better look at the art show than I got. And I think I do want a Tiptree shirt. Must do that.

Tiptree Auction! Very entertaining. I even bid once! On volumes 3 4 and 5 of Ooku in Japanese. The bidding got crazy on that though.

Then I panel-hopped _again_. Started in the anime panel on teamwork and ducked out to go next door to the online business model one. Learned some interesting things there, some inspiring things. More later. Maybe.

Then I didn't want to not check out the Vid Party, so I did that. A great idea. That's my kind of party. Like the Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog party of last year. I walked in at the start of a Leverage one. And that was pretty much the highlight of what I stayed for. It kept being stuff I hadn't seen. Some I didn't even recognize. We were halfway through one before I realized it was Farscape. Apparently I am uncultured! I should be watching Supernatural and Sarah Connor Chronicles and random movies and um.. stuff.

And now it's late! And I want to be up by 9:40ish.

I'm sure I forgot to mention something. Maybe it will come to me.

Oh! Must remember to try to find some manga needlework book/cd things, as was sold at the auction.
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