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Wiscon 34 - The Tiptree Auction - Cool Bits Theory - A writing blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Julie Andrews

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Wiscon 34 - The Tiptree Auction [Jun. 11th, 2010|09:38 am]
Julie Andrews

Before I ever went to Wiscon, I heard/read that the auction was not to be missed. And I haven't missed it in my 3 years of going. This year was not a disappointment.

Klages was back on her feet for this one, but her knees were not up to dancing. So she had a contingent of dancers in the audience. Anytime the bidding went to 100 or 200, etc, they got up and did the Happy Dance. 50$ increments over 100$ also got elbows.

Some of the more memorable items were:

* Special fantasy stamps, fully able to be used in the UK. Neil Gaiman had wrote a little story for each of them, and signed the sheet. So it's quite a unique collector's item. The bidding went really high on this one.

* A old Lysol advertisement, telling people (in roundabout terms) how it was great as a douche. Klages had also got an old (empty) original bottle and box it came in. Quite a uh.. conversation piece?

* A Spacebabe shirt. The hat was passed to give it to next year's con chairs. I believe it raised over 300$.

* A medusa hat with fully posable snakes. That was pretty cool. I hope the winner thinks to pair it with a Slytherin costume!

* A Spacebabe bowl, which glowed in the dark.

* An Alice in Jungleland (I think that was the one.)

* The last item I stayed to watch was 3 later volumes of Ooku in Japanese. I bid on these myself, when the bids were still (in my view) reasonable. It came down to a showdown on the stage between the highest bidders.

And, um, other cool and interesting stuff that I've forgotten!

As I posted in a comment on the wiscon lj, there was a doll of Ellen Klages. Which was a really good likeness. Unfortunately, Sharyn November chose to use it as a voodoo doll and was threatening Klages's likeness with bodily harm. After the opening ceremonies note that the 'voodoo message board' had been previously renamed the 'magic board', I felt this was a poor choice.

Religions are an area to be careful of. Even religions you might think are no longer practiced by anyone, can be touchy subjects. I had a professor in college who was a believer in the old Greek gods. So it's just a good idea to give some thought to what you're doing and saying.

Money-wise, I think it was a successful auction. I don't really have the numbers to compare it to. So I could be wrong. But it seemed like they raised enough money to keep the award going for awhile longer.

[User Picture]From: maevele
2010-06-11 08:03 pm (UTC)
I wasn't there for the bit with the doll, but that seems really disturbing to me.
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