Julie Andrews (julieandrews) wrote,
Julie Andrews

Oooo! Chance to win an e-reader!

Carl Brandon Society Raffle

From today to November 22nd, 1$ will get you a ticket in the drawing for one of 2 Nooks, 2 Kobos, and 1 Alex Reader.

The money raised goes to the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship which helps send two writers of color to the Clarion workshops. (Clarion and Clarion West)

So, good cause, and chance to win an e-reader.

BTW, Nooks and Kobos work with Overdrive, so if your library subscribes to Overdrive ebooks, you can totally read books for free! (With your library card, of course.) I don't know if the Alex Reader does, but if I had to bet, I'd bet yes.

I personally applaud them for not including a Kindle. For whatever reason they didn't. Boo Kindle!

Anyway, yea, go try to win one!

ETA: Doh! I totally forgot to mention that the e-reader, should you win one, comes preloaded with stories by lots of awesome people! Including nojojojo and shweta_narayan!
Tags: carl brandon society, clarion, e-readers

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