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Christmas Books

Been thinking about posting here about wanting to read Christmas books and asking y'all for suggestions. But work is going to be crappy this month. And it's December. Hectic and stressful and sick people everywhere and blah.

But, hey, if you have any suggestions for Christmas books I should read, let me know. I'm thinking of reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, because it's my favorite. And perhaps A Christmas Story. You know, with the Red Rider BB Gun. Never read that one.

And if you are looking for suggestions, I recommend Dickens' A Christmas Carol. It's an easier read than what you had to read in school, I promise. And Connie Willis's Christmas story collection.

Yea, that's right, I just dropped the 's on the possessive of Dickens and kept it for Willis. Deal.

I also liked The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming by Lemony Snicket. For those whose holiday season is a little more blue than red and green.
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