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Cool Bits Theory - A writing blog

J's Clarion 2007 San Diego Blog

Julie Andrews
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Geek. Writer. Clarion San Diego grad.

I don't like labels, really, but since I sometimes post on issues of gender, race, and ability, it might be helpful for readers who don't know me personally to know these things, so:

White - I used to consider myself a mutt, but after doing some genealogy, I seem to be mostly English and Scottish. Though my family on all sorts of sides seems to have been stuck in upstate New York since the Mayflower practically. So pretty much I'm an Nth generation American. Where N is some number that adds up to like three hundred years.

Female-ish - This would take a lot longer than a paragraph. My sex is female, my name is female, and it's just easier to be female rather than fight it. Online when I don't feel I need to use my name, I'm more likely to use male pronouns. (And that's the two sentence explanation that fits me today.)

Going-on-late 30s - I try not to be ageist in either direction, but I probably am quite frequently. People I meet in person always think I'm younger. The way I dress? The lack of makeup damaging my skin? The hiding out inside away from the sun? The fat plumping out my cheeks? The fact I'm not married and don't have kids? All of the above? It sure isn't diet and exercise!

Hearing and ablebodied - I've taken ASL and Deaf culture classes. I try to be aware of ableist thinking, but I'm sure there's plenty of times when I just don't get it.